The Vancouver Courier pays close attention to high school athletes, and in 2013 I initiated a series about the city’s most elite graduates as they were on the cusp of beginning their varsity careers. Called Our Prospects, these profiles ran like magazine features, with the story overlaid on top of stunning full-page photographs.
I conceived the project and worked as creative director to see each profile through from picking the athlete to directing the photo shoot and finalizing the printed page.

Soaring difficulty

Soaring difficulty

Aaron Mah knows there will be a few crashes on his way to the top. The first all-round Canadian champion gymnast films those falls and posts the videos online, sharing them with thousands of followers like a trail of breadcrumbs to remember where he came from.

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Celebrated ‘volleycult’

The foursome makes up the school's 'most talented squad ever'

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Harjun Gill Rugby

Playing for pride

At St. George's, students walk the hallways in the footsteps of the boys who came before them. And many of those boys, now grown men known as Old Boys, are invested in the school and the young men whove come after them.

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