The Vancouver Courier was nominated for two awards in 2014 based on an extensive series I conceived and co-managed as one of the paper’s section editors. Every two weeks for more than a year, our team of reporters and photographers explored a single neighbourhood in our city of 600,000. From serious conflict and frivolous pursuits, unique characters and cultural changes, we shone our gaze on all things major and minute one neighbourhood at a time. Following this successful series, the slogan of the newspaper changed to “Voice of Vancouver Neighbourhoods” and then “Local News. Local Matters.”

Ball Hockey

Don’t drop the gloves: 20 rules for ball hockey

There is no list affixed to any fence post, no bullet-point memo on someones blog, but for 17 years the countless players who drop in for a Mount Pleasant game of ball hockey have established a set of unwritten rules.

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Fabric store spins a yarn

Jas Khurana inherited a wholesale fabric business that spans four decades, four continents and a sub-continent. He is also heir to a reputation he’s doing everything he can to uphold.

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Runner charts changing course

Inspired by the Courier's Vancouver Special series, Yggy King will run around 22 of the city's neighbourhoods from Killarney to Kitsilano.

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Megan Stewart is a Canadian sportswriter and editor based in Vancouver, B.C.
In 2010 she launched the sports and recreation section of the Vancouver Courier, the oldest and largest community newspaper in the country.

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